IPC is looking for able and apt individuals to join our growing team of IT professionals. But why should you join us?

Do things that matter.

IPC only involves itself with projects that can improve its clients, partners and society-at-large. Be it in private or public institutions, it is our wish that the solutions we provide will not only bring in greater profit but always a greater experience for those who are using them.

Handle multiple responsibilities, face multiple opportunities.

Live vicariously. Each member is assigned to a team and will be challenged with multiple tasks, at times in different projects. This allows members to experience various facets of projects, widening their knowledge in different fields as they do so.

Each project is challenging but never daunting.

Here, you’ll work with people who are not just colleagues but family. People who will be with you every step of the way, guiding and helping you realize your full potential.

Be heard.

When you’re one amongst the many, it is easy to feel small and unimportant. In IPC, employees are considered as the company’s biggest asset. It is recognized that each member has ideas that need to be voiced out, ideas that have the power to make projects not just ‘good’ but ‘great.’

This is IPC. Empowering People. Empowering with Technology.