Department of Budget and Management

  • Maintenance of eBudget – IPC was recently re-awarded for the third time an annual contract with the Department of Budget and Management to maintain and enhance the eBudget, the system that tracks and manages the more than One Trillion (1,000,000,000,000) budget of the Philippine government.
  • Maintenance of BPMS and other DBM systems - In addition to managing eBudget, IPC also conducts software maintenance of the Budget Planning Management System and other critical DBM systems.


Bureau of Internal Revenue (in partnership with Sun Microsystems)

  • BIR Portal – configuration and maintenance of the BIR Portal
  • Content Management System – IPC’s DynamiqueTM enables BIR’s various departments to dynamically manage the content for the BIR Portal, Website and Contact Center Knowledge Base
  • Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS) – IPC was instrumental in the code review and presently the re-architecting of the eFPS.
  • TinVer – online TIN verification facility of the BIR Portal.


Department of Interior and Local Government (in partnership with Sun Microsystems)

  • DILG Portal – configuration and maintenance of the DILG Portal
  • Content Management System – IPC’s DynamiqueTM enables DILG’s various departments to dynamically manage the content for the DILG Portal.


Department of Trade and Industry (in partnership with Sun Microsystems)

  • DTI Philippine Business Registry Portal – configuration and maintenance of the DTI PBR Portal
  • Content Management System–IPC’s DynamiqueTM was customized according to DTI’s needs


Professional Regulation Commission

  • Office Systems Automation Enhancement II – enhancement and conversion of the Performance Appraisal System and Electronic Cash Management Systems
  • Asset Management System – design and development of the system for PRC’s urgent requirements


Land Transportation Office (in partnership with STRADCOM Corporation)

  • Web Facility Project – redesign and redevelopment of the web facilities current online service offerings of LTO


National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation

  • Reassessment, Enhancement and Optimization of the Mortgage Accounting and Collection Information System (MACIS)  Project – review, recustomization and redevelopment of the MACIS, Foreclosure Accounts Management System (FAMS), and the Acquired Assets Administration and Monitoring System (AAAMS)
  • Support and Maintenance of the NHMFC IT Systems (S&M) Project – continuous system maintenance on bugs and errors, and provide enhancements for the IT systems in NHMFC.
  • Borrower Service Card System (BSCS) Project – using the RFID technology and EDC terminals, provide the borrowers with a card with updated and real-time information for bills payment, loan restructuring.
  • Computerization of the Securitization Process (Securitization) Project – design and development of the Securitization System, automating the manual process of Securitization in NHMFC. 



MEDICard Philippines, Incorporated

  • MEDICard Online Settlement System – design, development and maintenance of automated Healthcare Services
  • Patient Eligibility Inquiry and Procedure Availment – use of Radio Frequency Identification Card technology for inquiry of patient’s eligibility to avail procedure benefits from clinics and hospitals. Approval transaction is also a part of this module.


St. Luke’s Medical Center, No. 1 Hospital in the Philippines

  • Healthcare Information System - Java EE 5 development of a patient-centric healthcare system that will facilitate efficient patient admission, service order management, room management, etc.
  • Ancillary Reports Management System - Java EE 5 development of a system that will effectively collect all diagnostic, therapeutic results such as X-Ray, laboratory exams, etc.
  • Health Advantage Card (RFID Smart Card System) – design, development & provision of RFID technology requirements of the SLMC Smart Card System. This includes a web-based, frontline system. As well as integration with Hospital Information System (HIS) and other hospital systems and applications.


Philippine Dealing System Holdings Corporation

  • Securities Auction System – design and development of an integrated platform from which issuers of fixed income securities can electronically conduct various types of issuance programs, including auction, tap, switch auction and direct retail investor participation


Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom)

  • Collateral Management System (CMS) – design and development for the PBCom CMS to automate the management process of handling their acquired assets – review, credit risk and all related tasks.


Banco De Oro (BDO)

  • BDO Portal – development and customization of the Dynamique Content Management System (CMS) for the BDO website. This mainly handles the and control access to the data and, based on the approved user roles and responsibilities.


Numbers International Inc. (Saipan-based gaming operator):

  • Two-Ball Lottery – automation of bet accumulation and winning number generation. The system utilizes the use of OMR scanners, hardware-based Random-Number-Generators and game analytics